Friday, January 20, 2012

Quick (& Cheap) Wall Art

 Our apartment has a lot of wall space. A LOT of wall space. Decorating this place they way I want would take much more money than I have allocated. I knew exactly what I wanted to go on the wall above our loveseat - 3 vertical canvas painted panels. I found some that I absolutely fell in love with at an art show...for $90 a panel. I thought about painting them - not going to happen.

Then I came across some fabric that worked perfectly with my apartment - I got about half a yard of each since it was on sale - I knew I wouldn't need that much but I can't pass up a good deal.

I conscripted my step-dad to make me three 30"x10" wood frames from scrap wood from his garage. He made them just like you would a picture frame - 45 degree angles and everything. They are just glued and stapled together - they aren't bearing any weight so I wasn't worried about strength. Again using the staple gun, I did cover them first in a cheap black felt - we have cats and they like to pretend they scale walls - to give them a little more durability than just fabric. For the corners, I had to get creative with the folds - you want it to lay as flat as possible. I ended up just cutting out chunks and stapling in layers. When it came time to add the patterned fabric, I laid out the felt-covered panel face (felt side) down on the wrong side of the fabric and left a good 2-3" margin all around the outside.

Starting at the center of the top, I pulled the fabric down and stapled all across the top of the panel - keeping the fabric as flat and smooth as possible.

I then moved to one side of the panel, but started at the corner closest to the top, making sure to still keep the fabric smooth while stapling.

After finishing the one side, I moved to the opposite corner of the one that I finished (if you did the top then right, it would be the bottom left corner) and completed that by pulling the fabric tight enough to get rid of any ripples but not so tight the fabric would wear around the staples. Once all staples were in place around the two remaining sides, it was ready to hang.

The best part is that they are light enough that I was able to hang them on thumbtacks (we were out of nails). I've gotten nothing but compliments on a project that I spent a total of $10.00 completing - and that includes the excess fabric I bought for later projects!

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